We would like to present our company to you as your future, exclusive partner in financial rental agreements. Our experience and individual ,as well as professional approach offers an all-round service where quality is all-important, not quantity.

Our aim is to offer our clients « carefree driving », supplying custom-made financial assistance and an impeccable service at competitive prices based on honest depreciation.
We also offer the opportunity to enter into an off-balance financial rental agreement, whether it concern a company, a professional or a private individual.

In addition, we offer our clients total anonymity by taking care of and registering all vehicles in our Financial Fleet Services NV fleet. Consequently, registration numbers no longer lead third parties to the economic, but to the legal owner. Our products and services fit in a variety of investment strategies and dovetail nicely with today's new management principles and working methods.

Our organization and staff have their finger on the automobile sector's pulse and by putting the needs of your fleet into our hands we will be able to help you choose the most advantageous solution for your stipulated conditions, offering you a unique combination of service , management and financial advice, including up-to-date information on tax laws relative to the automobile industry. This way we endeavour to create financial and mental breathing space for the client, allowing him to concentrate on his core business.

Flexibility seems to be a determining factor in today's economy. Now, more than ever, a company wishing to get ahead has to be able to adapt its people and resources to meet fast-changing situations. Made-to-measure solutions geared to the needs of each individual client are a deciding factor. Drawing up, altering, adapting and transferring invoices and/or financial rental agreements are part and parcel of our extensive service package.
If requested, we can either shorten or extend the duration of agreements.

Our company's market image is that of the supply of specialized financial services based on a transparent control of the running costs. We especially focus on the creation of a perfect balance between a business economic solution, considering financial and fiscal aspects, the client's personal feelings, as well as elements that are directly associated with « carefree driving ».

Therefore, our motto is : « We aim to please »!

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact or call us, free of any obligation, at +32 (0)2 302 40 00 (Zaventem) or +32 (0)3 644 90 00 (Brasschaat).